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Rainbow's Fury
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Sunday, December 25th, 2005

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The tales of the dread pirate Eni
So, I was thinking, what does one get an enismirdal for Christmas? There are material answers - but these are either boring (chocolate, port) or somewhat impractical (a colony of bees). Most of the things she wants are immaterial. The only thing she's ever directly stated to me that she wants is:

tentrevir: I have a sekrit desire to be a Mary Sue

Well, OK, but how does one do that, beyond writing a story? What type of Mary Sue is she? Fortunately, this problem was solved by senji's subconscious, and his decision to tell us about it here. Consequently, I present to you the tale of the origins of the Dread Space Pirate Eni.

PreambleCollapse )

Christmas Present Fic. 4,740 words long. You have been warned.Collapse )

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